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Gift Items

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All Stitched Up Blank Card


Amber Candle Holder w/clear Scissor Frog


Amber Carnival Glass Compote w/clear Scissor Frog


Black Amethyst Vase w/clear Scissor Frog


Black Candle Holder w/clear Scissor Frog


Button & Scissors Earrings ~ Rose Gold


Button & Scissors Earrings ~ Silver


Canary Wood Beehive Scissor Holder w/scissors


Chechen Wood Beehive Scissor Holder w/Bee Scissors


Cherry Wood Beehive Scissor Holder w/Bee Scissors


Clear ribbed sugar dish with gold handles Scissor Frog


Dark Walnut Beehive Scissor Holder w/scissors (bee hive shaped)


Don't Cross Me Canvas Bag


Fancy Clear Dish Scissor Frog


Floral Thank You Cards


Floss Boss Ceramic Mugs


Footed Exotic Wood Trinket Box with inlay


Green/Gold Grapes & Leaves w/clear Scissor Frog


HATS Greeting Cards


How to Cross-Stitch Book


Milk Glass Sugar Bowl w/Black Scissor Frog


Payless Cashways Vintage Yardstick Box with feet and Flocking ~ Natural


Pink Windsor Sugar Bowl w/clear Scissor Frog




Red Goblet with Gold Stars/Clear Scissor Frog


Scissor & Heart Cham Necklace ~ Gold


Scissor & Heart Cham Necklace ~ Rose Gold


Scissor Beak Bird


Scissor Drop Earrings ~ Gold


Scissor Drop Earrings ~ Rose Gold


Scissor Drop Earrings ~ Silver


Sewing themed Tin ~ Set of two


Sewing Themed Tin ~ Set of two


Small Pincushion w/wood base


Small Wooden Pin Cushion


Small Wooden Pin Cushion/Black Base


Stitcher Bar Necklace ~ Gold


Stitcher Bar Necklace ~ Rose Gold


Stitcher Bar Necklace ~ Silver


Stork Scissor Necklace ~ Gold


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