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38 ct

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We sell most of our fabric by the square inch and cut to size. Because of this, it may appear we have sufficient quantity for your project, but it's possible that it might be in several pieces rather than one large piece.  If you wish to be sure we have the size you need, please call us at (402) 331-1740 before placing your order. If you elect not to call, please be aware that we may have to cancel your order due to insufficient quantity.


Legacy Linen

Access Commodities


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38 ct Brewers Malt Legacy Linen


38 ct Fuller's Teazel Linen ~ Access Commodities


38 ct Heron Grey Legacy Linen


38 ct Irish Coffee Legacy Linen ~ Acc. Commodities


38 ct Vermeer Blue Legacy Linen


38 ct Wayfarer's Cloak Linen