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2020 Nashville Market Sneak Peeks and Previews

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If you would like to pre-order or reserve a pattern or product that you see, please email or call the shop and let us know the designer and the name of the pattern or product. Please keep in mind that your email or phone call is considered a binding contract and you are expected to follow through with the purchase as we are ordering what you requested specifically for you in good faith.  Please know that my budget is limited, I can't possibly buy everything at market. If you see something you want, pre-order it.  If I don't know you want it, I won't necessarily purchase that item.  Thank you so much! or 402-331-1740

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AAN ~ Flower of Stitcher YT Exclusive


Annie Beez ~ Bunny and Bee


Annie Beez ~ Little Pink Houses


Annie Beez ~ Love Always Market Exclusive!


Annie Beez ~ The Haynes Sampler


Annie Beez ~ Threadneedle Street


AuryTM Sneak Peek #1


Autumn Lane Stitchery ~ Hallows Eve Haunting


Autumn Lane Stitchery ~ Love on a Limb


Autumn Lane Stitchery ~ Midnight Brew


Autumn Lane Stitchery ~ Moons Out Brooms Out


Autumn Lane Stitchery ~ Spring Blossoms


Autumn Lane Stitchery ~ The Easter Tree


Autumn Lane Stitchery ~ Woodland Santa


Bendy Stitch ~ Literary Alice


Bendy Stitchy ~ Friendship Sampler


Bendy Stitchy ~ Hilde's Strawberry Patch


Bendy Stitchy ~ Roladex Mourning Sampler


Blackberry Rabbit Sneak Peek #1 ~The Visitor


Blackberry Rabbit Sneak Peek #2 The Monarch


Blackberry Rabbit ~ Bath Time 1


Blackberry Rabbit ~ Bee Different YT Exclusive


Blackberry Rabbit ~ Butterfly Bliss


Blackberry Rabbit ~ Friendship Blooms


Blackberry Rabbit ~ Poppy's Accessories


Blue Flower Sneak Peek Summer Squirrel


Blue Flower Summer Acorns


Blue Flower, Sneak Peek Huckleberry Farm


By the Bay ~ Mountain View Bay


Camille Colje-Camps ~ Salem YT Exclusive


CCT Chesapeake Bay ~


CCT Lighthouse ~


CCT Mariner's Compass ~


Cottage Garden Samplings ~ Some Bunny Loves You (Yarn Tree Exclusive)


Coure e Batticoure ~ Sogno di Una Notte YT Exclusive


Cross Stitch Antiques ~ Ann Wilkinson 1834


Cross Stitch Antiques ~ Antique Pattern Album


Cross Stitch Antiques ~ Catherine Morgan, 1836, Carnton Sampler


Cross Stitch Antiques ~ On This Fair Canvas, Family Tribute Sampler


Cross Stitch Antiques ~ Pieces of Innocence


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